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    Literature Review: Organizational Theories

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    Can you help me prepare a literature review to discuss how Organizational Behavior theories can improve innovation and decision-making within organizations. This must provide critical analysis and synthesis of the material and provides sources that critiques or disagrees with the information.

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    In this paper, we will review literature on the topic of organization behavior theories related to improving innovation and technology. We'll explain these concepts through the views of three renowned authors. We will also discuss the key findings of Choo (1996), Smith & Tushman (2005), and West (2002) to analyze the importance of organization behavior in innovation and decision making. In the first section, we will explain the integration of knowledge, innovation and decision making by Choo (1996).

    Choo (1996) has explored the topic of how organizational behavior theories can improve innovation and decision making in an organization. The author has critically analyzed information used by organizations in the creation of innovative ideas and knowledge, which improves decision making. The author made points on three areas, which involves transformation in the organizational environment, use of knowledge in innovation and decision making to achieve organizational objectives (Choo, 1996).

    According to Choo (1996), the organization uses the knowledge and creativity of individual employees, which helps the organization invent new products and services, and implement improvements in performance throughout the entire organization. Choo has focused on critical issues such as information, knowledge and innovation, and prudent decision. The foremost function of any organization is to apply theory in determining competence and flexibility, which requires searching for correct and useful sources of information. This information will help the management to make wise and reliable decision. The information must be aligned with the organizational objectives and must be able to generate feasible alternatives from the valuable source of information (Choo, 1996).

    Choo (1996) states that the entire organization must be involved in decision making including stakeholders and various other powerful groups and individuals. According to Choo, there should be proper coordination between the internal ...

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