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    Concepts in the field of Public Administration

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    I am so lost. I just cannot get a grasp of what is expected of me and I cannot understand what is needed. Can someone help explain what is needed for this paper in simplified terms?
    I need to get this done fast, any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

    One of the most important aspects in the study of public administration is to develop an understanding of how the field has evolved and what underlying theoretical foundations provide the direction for your work as a public administrator. Your project for this course will allow you to demonstrate this understanding by writing an 8-10 page paper identifying, organizing, and analyzing the theories, theorists, and seminal concepts in the field.

    It is important that you identify and show the relationships that exist between individuals and ideas. Your project should point out the classifications and connections you have identified in your review of public administration literature, and demonstrate the significance and ramifications of these connections. Your analysis will provide evidence of your understanding of how the theories in one area?such as leadership or bureaucracy?influence other areas?such as the politics-administration dichotomy or organizational behavior.

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    You need to elaborate on what is the meaning of public administration-include generally accepted principles of administration.

    1. Describe historical perspective on development of Public administration:
    - Aristotle (384-322BC) described the civic life of citizen as highest expression of humanity. The main aim of government was to improve civic virtues.
    - Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)had opposing ...

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    The concepts in the field of public administration are examined.