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Role of Public Administrator

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An administrator is responsible for managing governmental plans and policies along with the management of public goods so that citizens and public of his state can be satisfied. He is responsible for addressing areas like prolonged economic growth, the advancement of social development, alleviating infrastructure expansion and defending the environment, encouraging public- private relationships, handling development programmes and holding a legal framework for development (Milakovich, & Gordon, 2008). All these duties of a public administrator define his key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government plans along with the advancement of citizens in the form of satisfaction.
With the discussion of role played by a public administrator it can be said that an administrator cannot combine doing well for government and doing the public good as he is bounded by various limitations' and for any public good he has to take permission from his higher level authorities, which usually does not allow him to go beyond their limitations as it can lessen their own effectiveness and efficiency in terms of managing budgets (Milakovich, & Gordon, 2008). His role's limitations do not allow him to do maximum public good. In this way, it can be concluded that an administrator cannot combine doing good for government and good for public.
Solution - 2
Career in Public Administration is quite common nowadays as many individuals are preparing hard to join public administration services. A public administration course develop individuals to serve as directors in the administrator arm of local, state/provincial, and Union/national government, and progressively in nongovernmental organization (NGO) and non-profit sectors (Frederickson, 1993). The course undertaken in the field of public administration concentrates on the organized probe of executive organization and management.
Although most of individuals are trying hard to make career in public administration but it is not easy as there exist number of techniques that significantly affects the current and future career in public administrator, which are as follows:
• Allow for practical tools for working effectively on a daily basis
• Tone up managerial cognition in diverse areas, ensuring an incorporated vision of organizational and management procedures.
• Help in development of individuals and groups in social communications and team-working (Frederickson, 1993).
Among the above discussed techniques the most significant technique that can affect my current and future career in public administration is to tone up managerial knowledge in diverse areas by ensuring an integrated vision of organizational and management procedures. This technique is significant due to its relevance to the field of public administration which deals with various governmental and public areas (Milakovich, & Gordon, 2008). Until or unless I will not increase my knowledge in diverse areas it would not be easy for me to undertake a position in the field of public administration which requires vast knowledge.
Solution - 3
The significant role of a public administrator is to elucidate policies and then carry out and supervise those policies with the end of improving the public agencies and the services extended. The role of a public administrator is quite effective but he also confronts various public policy issues and the most substantial issue that might present difficulties for a public administrator in terms of meeting both legal mandates and constituents' needs and demands is the tremendous growth in the range and scope of public policies government is undertaking in present.
These tremendous growths is resulting in more expansive expectations for governments that in turn directly or indirectly is falling on the shoulders of public administrators to implement programs that resolve public problems and attain public purposes with specific limitations related with authority (Peters & Pierre, 2007).
A conflict of interest exists when individuals must prefer whether to encourage their own interests, the concerns of their organization, or the concerns of some other group or individual (Ferrell, n.d.). This significantly affects an individual's ethical decision-making as in these situations he starts thinking according to his own way rather than thinking in the manner established by government or his firm. Whatever they feel right for their own interest they start doing that and this in turn severely affects the aspect of ethical decision making.

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The role of public administrators are examined.

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