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    Questions in effective public administrative responses

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    1. What do you consider a highly effective public administrative response to a problem? Why?

    2. What is transfer of training and how is it used? How can managers ensure transfer of training? Explain your answer and provide an example.

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    Public Administration & Transfer of Training

    Highly Effective Public Administration Response
    The resolution of a country's administration problem is not possible by an individual or a group of unskilled individuals as it requires special attention an approach in an all-inclusive manner. In present the field of public administration is explored at a high degree to find out the various effective ways to resolve significant troubles but a response that could be considered highly effective is to have an administrative control that did not entail making the established state more efficient rather it entail building a qualitatively different kind of state (Rabin, Hildreth & Miller, 2006).
    With this kind of administrative response only a state or its citizens' can grow as until or unless a qualitative approach is adopted ...

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    The questions in effective public administrative responses are examined.