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    Please help me with the following training scenario. Please provide specific references as well:

    You are the internal training manager of your organization. As a staff of one, you are the main contact for everyone who needs training or who thinks they need training.

    Because you are a "department of one," you consistently call upon members within the organization when it comes to determining training needs, developing and delivering the training, and then determining if the training actually met the needs. Of course, if there are needs where there is no organizational expertise, it may be necessary to outsource some of the training by hiring external vendors.

    Throughout the course, you will be asked to perform specific training functions based on the material you have learned in the Unit. When performing the specific training function, keep in mind the various people in the organization who can lend support, such as the manager of the trainees and the trainees themselves. Indicate how you will draw on their resources in your responses to the discussion questions, individual projects, and group project.

    Design a needs analysis survey in the form of a Word document for the Customer Service Representative position.

    In the document, include where you would find information on the organizational analysis, as well as how you would determine the type of knowledge, skills, and ability needed to perform the job. Identify whether your survey will be used for individual interviews, focus groups, or self-administered questionnaires. You may administer different parts of the needs analysis to different groups or using different methods.

    To help you identify the type of work each of these functions performs, check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics (using the Resources in Course Materials). Perform your search by job title, such as "Sales Representative," or by using an alphabetical search.

    Reference: Blanchard, P.N. & Thacker, J.W. (2004/1999). Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices. Pearson/Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ

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    Contributes to the smooth daily operation of the Administrative Office by performing a wide variety of clerical duties, including greeting the public in person and over the telephone, assuring daily collections are accounted for, processing and dispatching work orders in an appropriate and timely manner, processing annual and interim re-certifications for the Department while assisting the Manager responsibilities.

    1. Must be able to communicate in the English language, orally and in written form with the general public and staff members using proper grammar, punctuation and spelling. Ability to use standard business writing practices and report preparation. (Daily)

    2. Ability to effectively use word processing and computer programs. (Daily)

    3. Ability to use a word processor. (Daily)

    4. Input accounts receivables and issues cash receipts to clients. (Daily)

    5. Ability to exercise independent judgment in evaluating priority, completeness and accuracy of Work Orders and dispatch accordingly. (Daily)

    6. Issues billing statements for Work Order Charges as required. (Daily)

    7. Receive clients by telephone, in person or by mail, analyze the request, and provide information or ascertain who can best provide the requested information, and route the request to the appropriate person. (Daily)

    8. Accurately receive and input applications and maintain waiting lists, active and inactive files, and relays appropriate information to proper personnel. (Daily)

    9. Maintains organizational files. (Daily)

    10. Ability to carry through opening and closing procedures for the Administrative Office, including locking and unlocking doors, ...