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Strategic Planning for a Nonprofit Organization

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Would you provide a summary of a strategic planning resource for a nonprofit organization (ie. homeless shelter, healthcare)? Please provide reference.

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The first step in any strategic planning is to establish the goals based on the vision. The second is a resource that should be used to analyze what the organization needs to accomplish its goals. The needs assessment is a planning resource that helps identify where the organization is and what it needs on several levels.

A needs assessment supplies the support for components of the strategic plan and its implementation. It gives information that helps to make the outcomes measurable. Needs assessments ...

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This solution discusses needs assessment as a strategic planning resource/tool.

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Non-profit Value Statement and Ethics; Website review of three non-profit organizations; Executive summary for strategic alliances and lobbying strategies for non-profit; Non-profit business plan including initial mandates, mission, and values of the organization.

1. Find three non-profit Web sites that include a core values statement or a Code of Ethics statement and evaluate those documents. Write a two page report on three non-profits, summarizing the main points, analyzing the statements for practical application, and explain how you might use the information gleaned to create a values statement of your own.

2. Consider what lobbying strategies and strategic alliances you might need to develop for a HNO that you would like to lead. Write a one page executive summary for lobbying strategies and a one page executive summary for strategic alliances as though you were preparing for an upcoming board meeting and intended to present these as plans for the upcoming year.

3. Begin your Strategic Non-profit Business Plan based in the process charted on page 232 (174 in previous edition), and described in detail in the chapters readings.

Please address items One, Two, and Three in the process; initial mandates, mission, and values of the organization.

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