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Nonprofit Management Process

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Describe the ideal relationships between four elements in the nonprofit organization's management process; the mission, the strategic plan, its fundraising structure, and its case.

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//In the non-profit organizations, the management process is followed in a very specific way. There are few specific elements of the management process in these organizations which have significant and ideal relationship among them. In this series, in the following discussion, a brief overview of the four elements of management process of these organizations is provided under specific heading.//

Four Elements of Management Process of Non-profit Organizations
The nonprofits organizations are the ones that are not focused on getting profit as ultimate vision. They just believe in delivering services to the society without expecting anything in return from the society. The management process of these organizations generally consists of four elements viz. mission, strategic plan, fundraising structure and the case (Herman, 2011). A mission of a company is the basic purpose of the organization for which it exists. It is the basic function that an organization does for the benefit of the society, in terms of the products and services it produces for its customers (Steiss, 2003). A strategic plan is an overall plan and the actions that are planned ...

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The ideal relationship between four elements in the nonprofit organization's management process is described.

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