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DMAIC in nonprofits

Please answer very briefly

- Give an example where DMAIC could be applied to improve a process that is not operating to its potential.

-In your opinion, is the concept of "Six Sigma Quality" a meaningful one to the successful management of a nonprofit organization today? Why or why not?

-What are some methods that nonprofit organization use to listen to the voice of the customer?

- What types of analyses are conducted with the data that are collected?

-What decisions are made with the information gathered?

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In a nonprofit organization, there is a board and a central organization. The central organization uses the resources of common resources to ensure each program is developed and operated effectively. In comparison with for profit organization where a program is a onetime effort, in a nonprofit, a program is an ongoing and organized effort. There is greater importance of DMAIC. In nonprofit organizations there is a greater need for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling the programs. There is a greater need for improving, optimizing, and stabilizing program processes and ...

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