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    Lean Six Sigma Project Case: Analyze Phase of DMAIC

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    Submit an Analyze Definition Document which will demonstrate your ability to analyze a problem situation using the Analyze Phase of DMAIC.


    ? Differentiate the various relevant aspects of the situation and analyze the problem at the Blackbelt level using various tools of the Analyze Phase.

    ? Organize the appropriate information into a coherent report.
    o Use the Analyze Report Outline provided.
    o Be sure to use Topic Headings that correspond to the major topics

    ? The report should contain all the necessary and sufficient aspects to completely analyze the problem.
    o Include copies of various Tools that were used
    o Provide Discussion and explanation where appropriate and necessary
    o Include sources of documentation
    o Include examples of reports used to generate evidence and data
    o You may also upload supplemental documents into Additional files.

    ? The length of the paper should be as long as necessary to include the all of the appropriate information.


    The Analyze and use the following Phase Report below. USE TOPIC HEADINGS.

    Data and Process Analysis

    ? What does the data say about the performance of the business process?
    ? Was a detailed process map created to amplify critical steps of the 'as is' business process?
    ? Were any designed experiments used to generate additional insight into the data analysis?
    ? Did any additional data need to be collected?
    ? What model would best explain the behaviour of output variables in relation to input variables?
    ? Be sure to include the data and the data analysis. Attach Excel files. Explain it. Connect the data and data analysis in the spread sheet to the discussion in the report.

    Root Cause Analysis

    ? What tools were used to generate the list of possible causes?
    ? Was a cause-and-effect diagram used to explore the different types of causes (or sources of variation)?
    ? What tools were used to narrow the list of possible causes?
    ? Were Pareto charts (or similar) used to portray the 'heavy hitters' (or key sources of variation)?
    ? What conclusions were drawn from the team's data collection and analysis?
    ? How did the team reach these conclusions?

    Quantifying the Gap/Opportunity

    ? What is the cost of poor quality as supported by the team's analysis?
    ? Is the process severely broken such that a re-design is necessary?
    ? Would this project lend itself to a DFSS project?
    ? Have any additional benefits been identified that will result from closing all or most of the gaps?
    ? Were any quick fixes ('ground fruit or low-hanging fruit') implemented? If so, what were the resulting benefits?
    ? What quality tools were used to get through the analyze phase?

    Preliminary Solutions

    ? What preliminary possible solutions were determined?
    ? How were they determined and who was involved?

    Required reading:

    iSix Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Roadmap retrieved on Mar 16, 2010 from
    iSix Sigma, Six Sigma DMAIC Reference retrieved on Mar 16, 2010 from
    Find additional websites and reference that provide additional information on the DMAIC process and in particular the Analyze Phase.

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