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    Introduction to Quality Management and Six Sigma

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    Assignment: Generate a DMAIC Project Plan. Consider General Electric. Explore the quality issues that are occurring in this company and determine one possible issue that can be a Six Sigma project. The best project is one that is occurring in your area of responsibility. If there is no opportunity there, then consult your co-workers in other areas to find a potential quality project. The objective is to develop a DMAIC Project Plan.

    Assignment Expectations: The DMAIC Project Plan will include five sections, one for each of the five project phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. You will not be required to actually do the project and solve the problem. This will be a plan. You will have to actually Define the problem. The remainder of the project phases will be a plan describing how you will accomplish them. How will you Measure, the data collect plan? How will you Analyze the data and the problem? How will you Improve the situation? And how will you Control the situation once it has been improved?

    Write a two page paper on this topic. Be sure to include references. The paper should include the following sections.

    Definition - what is the problem and how is it defined? Use the Six Sigma guidelines for a problem definition.

    Measure - how will you measure? What is the data collection plan?

    Analyze - how will you analyze the data and the situation?

    Improve - how will you improve the situation? Who will be involved?

    Control - how will you control the situation?

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    Six Sigma applications at General Electric
    Six sigma application to decrease utility costs and improve engineering system reliability
    Though General Electric is a pioneer in implementing six sigma projects and has till date achieved success in all projects undertaken. However, as the company expands its manufacturing base, a growing concern can be increase in utility costs which could in turn impact the operating margin of the company. Hence, it is crucial that GE takes early action to control and reduce its utility costs to meet strategic objectives. It is possible to achieve it by implementing six sigma methodologies in its engineering operations to control and contain the operations budget.
    The six sigma DMAIC methodology would be used for achieving desired ...

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