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    Lean Sigma to Operational Excellence at Chevron Corporation

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    I need discussion points regarding implementing of Lean Sigma to Operational Excellence at Chevron Corporation.

    Operational Excellence at Chevron Corporation
    Lean Sigma, Identify Value, & Defend Selection the TQM
    Determine Flow & Improved Process flow for Operational Excellence
    Discussion Point to Leadership Team
    Incorporation to the Strategic Planning Process

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    Chevron is one of the world's leading energy companies. The company operates in more than 100 countries. It is a most important company as it functions in every aspect of oil and natural gas industry together with exploration, fabrication, inventing, marketing and shipping chemicals, equipped sales and power generation (Our Businesses, 2010). Company has attained its position due to its diverse and highly skilled workforce that comprises of more than 59,000 employees and about 5,800 service station employees.

    The company's procedures are assorted efficaciously and its petroleum operations comprise of the probe, development, production, and marketing of crude oil and natural gas. The company operates with different kind of operations like refining, marketing and transportation operations and chemical operations (Chevron Corp, 2010).

    In addition to these operations, company is also engaged in evolution and marketing of coal and molybdenum; development and procedure of commercial power projects; debt financing, cash management and corporate administration. With this discussion of different effective operations of the company, it can be said that the Chevron Corporation is able to achieve operational excellence.

    Lean Sigma

    The practice of Lean Six Sigma is also known as Lean Sigma. This practice is an association of different business management strategies, lean manufacturing and Motorola's Six Sigma system. In this practice, lean manufacturing methodology assist in focussing on the creation of more value with less work whereas the Six Sigma system endeavours to distinguish and remove defects in product development (What is Lean Six Sigma, 2010). Hence, Lean Six Sigma allows for a method to speed up a company's decision-making procedures, whereas both abbreviating production inefficiencies as well as augmenting product quality.

    This practice of Lean Six Sigma builds on cognition; processes and tools deduced from decades of operational transformation research and functioning. In this practice Lean approaches concentrate on cutting down cost through process improvement whereas Six Sigma concentrates on complying with customer requirements and stakeholder prospects, and ameliorating quality by evaluating and eradicating defects (Byrne, Lubowe & Blitz, 2007).

    This approach is developed on the basis of philosophies, principles and tools of both business management strategies'. In present competitive environment by making use of Lean Sigma an organization can attain number of advantages in terms of operational excellence.

    Value of Lean Sigma to Chevron Corporation

    Chevron Corporation is a prevalent energy company that is operating successfully but still it needs to adopt various strategies as in present time search for robust advancements and inventions is increasing through which advanced products and services can be offered to ...

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    Lean sigma to operational excellence at Chevron Corporation is examined.