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    International strategy management of Chevron Corporation (CVX)

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    A world market has emerged from what was previously national markets, and the climate for international business today is more favorable than in the past.
    International strategies increase a company's strategic competitiveness as it strives to compete in the global marketplace.

    Select ONE public listed company, local or multinational. Identify the international corporate level strategy ( multidomestic, global or transnational strategy ) that the organization has undertaken to grow its market ( in products or services ) as a strategic competitive advantage. Take into consideration that such a firm would operate in multiple industries in multiple countries or regions for which they operate multiple products. Refer to any journal articles or case studies to support the company's strategy to go global. Identify possible risks that the company could be facing and how it can mitigate or minimize such risks. Provide a critical evaluation of the strategy and conclude based on your understanding.

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    Chevron Corporation information

    Chevron Corporation (ticker symbol: CVX) is an international oil and energy company, with 75% of its operations outside the United States. The shares of Chevron are traded at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), and the price closed at $111.49 per share on Monday, October 20, 2014. Go to Yahoo!Finance at http://finance.yahoo.com . At Yahoo!Finance, you can find the a lot of information of any publicly traded company by clicking the items on the left side: summary, charts, profile, key statistics, industry, and financial statements. All publicly traded companies have a ticker symbol that identifies the company and distinguishes it from the others. Investopedia (2014) defines the ticker symbol as "an arrangement of characters (usually letters) representing a particular security listed on an exchange or otherwise traded publicly".

    The company website at www.chevron.com is a good source of information. Visit the Chevron Way and About Chevron to review the strategies, vision and values of Chevron and download the Chevron Corporate Fact Sheet May 2014 at http://www.chevron.com/documents/pdf/corporatefactsheet.pdf (also included), which includes Chevron's main corporate strategies. Also visit the company investor relations section for stockholder information.

    Chevron corporate strategies
    Chevron's Corporate Strategies (retrieved from http://www.chevron.com/documents/pdf/corporatefactsheet.pdf )
    Financial-return objective - Create shareholder value and achieve sustained financial returns from operations that will enable Chevron to outperform its competitors.

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    Chevron Corporation is an international oil and energy company. This solution introduces concisely the concepts of a ticker symbol and a publicly traded company, as well as the definitions of international strategic management and the Porter's five strategic forces. Chevron's strategic points can be reviewed and analyzed using the Porter's five forces model. Note that this solution provides guidelines for the analysis of a company from a strategic management point of view, and some suggestions for appropriate internet sources for facts, but is not an essay.