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Chevron: Markets and Risks, Stakeholders and Social Programs

For Chevron

Provide a company overview, and identify the countries in which the corporation operates.

1. Identify the types of market systems and types of legal systems that exist in the countries where the corporation operates. What effect do these have on the company's operations?
2. Discuss the possible sources of political risk for: (a) the countries in which the company has a presence and (b) the basic nature of their products and operations. If you were a political consultant for the company, how would you suggest the company approach its political risk given trends in international political systems?
3. Identify the stakeholders the company must satisfy. Why is this process more difficult for companies operating internationally?
4. Summarize the company's code of conduct. State the reasons why it is in the company's best interest to follow its code of conduct when operating in foreign countries.
5. Does the company have any social programs in the country/countries where it operates? If so, briefly describe one.
6. What are the indicators the company might monitor to guide their investment and actions in the future?

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This solution provides an overview on Chevron: the markets in which it operates, the risks it is exposed to, its code of conduct and the social programs it operates.