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Six Sigma and Total Quality at Kraft Foods

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Does Kraft Foods company have either a TQ or Six Sigma program? Discuss how it works.
Discuss one of the quality project that you know of, and what makes this program succeed (or fail, if that is the case).

Be specific and discuss the various aspects of the project in terms of the concepts of quality and Six Sigma.

If Kraft Foods does not have Six Sigma or total quality program, then utilize GE or Caterpillar company out information about this.

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Several years ago, Kraft Foods adopted a Six Sigma program, which has been applied in areas such as production, waste reduction, and increased efficiency. Though Six Sigma markers have yet to be achieved, the company is taking steps to increase its ability to achieve its goals. Many manufacturing lines are currently at three Sigma, with some at Four Sigma. In addition, Kraft Foods has recently hired Six Sigma experts who can help optimize production lines (Pyzdek Institute, 2014). The implication is that, while workers are part of the Six Sigma achievement targets, other aspects of production, such as workflow optimization, improved automation, and improved scheduling of production lines may also play a large role in Kraft Foods achieving its target.
Kraft Foods is also currently working with suppliers, to help them achieve Six Sigma targets in the future. While the company has not yet achieved Six Sigma goal and objectives, it appears to be taking positive steps and to be moving in the right direction. The Six Sigma program has been implemented throughout global operations in many functional areas, such as quality, cost, delivery, safety, and sustainability (Process Excellence Network, 2014). Recently, all plants have been brought into line in terms of adopting the same ...

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The discussion focuses on the efforts of Kraft Foods to achieve Six Sigma and to maintain this status in the future. Many factors, such as ability of technology and tools, as well as workers, to improve efficiency and productivity is discussed.