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Quality Management in Logistics System at Amazon

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2) Help with reviewing the logistics system of Amazon and in a 3- to 4-page paper answer the following questions:
Does Amazon use quality management procedures in its logistics system? In what ways (as you are to give some specific examples)? If the organization does not use quality management procedures, what steps would you suggest they put in place in order to improve its logistics system?
Be sure to provide some description of the different quality tools, processes, etc., and be specific in your examples.

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Use of different quality management tools in improving logistics efficiency at Amazon.

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Amazon Logistics System
Amazon is known for building huge distribution centers to stock a large variety of products it offers to customers. To move these products in the distribution center there are high-speed conveyer systems and thousands of robots. In addition there are hundreds of people who move out products from warehouse to customer's doorstop. Such facilities are called fulfillment centers. The fulfillment center is the anchor of Amazons physical operations, the brick and mortar behind the virtual button customer taps to get any product delivered to his doorstep (Wohlsen, 2014). The main role of fulfillment center is to fulfill customer orders. On the other hand there are supporting sortation centers which accumulate shipments from one or more fulfillment centers and grouped as per zip code to be shipped. The system is supported by Logistics Technology team that fuels, creates and develops the systems used to drive the shipping of products from Amazon fulfillment Centers to customer's doorstep. This team optimizes Amazons logistics network to reduce costs and pass those savings to customers ("Logistics technology", n.d).
It is the innovation and technology that distinguishes Amazon from rest in IT logistics market. Amazon deploys drones and robots to improve efficiency and accuracy of logistics. In fact, robots give an accuracy of ...

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