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    McDonald's Logistics Management

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    Does McDonald's use quality management procedures in its logistics system? In what ways (some specific examples)? If McDonald's does not use quality management procedures, what steps would you suggest they put in place in order to improve its logistics system?

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    McDonald's uses quality management within its logistics systems. However, in order to understand the influence of quality management and where it applies, the logistics system must be thoroughly understood. The logistics system begins with producers of the raw materials. For McDonald's, this includes food producers, producers of paper products, and producers of technological devices and software. From the producers, materials are ordered via a central ordering system, and are shipped directly to each restaurant. Most of the supplies to the 15,000 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. are distributed by Martin Brower, one of the largest food suppliers in the U.S. (Harrington, 2012). The supplier operates exclusively from McDonald's Baltimore office, though they also rely on distribution centers, with each center serving from 250 to 700 restaurants.
    The supplier is responsible for several logistics activities. Warehousing, shipping, and delivery are among the most critical. The company works closely with McDonald's and understands the company's values, when it comes to getting supplies to restaurants, fresh or in good condition, and ready to use for serving consumers. Today, customers of McDonald's have limited incomes and want the best value for their money. The Martin Bower company understands the importance of providing value for consumers (Harrington, 2012). Drivers are expected to use equipment properly and to unload supplies with a consideration for what is going on at restaurants at the time. Deliveries will sometimes wait until the busy breakfast and lunch times are over, to avoid disrupting service, which is one of the facets of the value McDonald's brings to its customers.
    McDonald's focuses on outcomes, rather than on transactions. Customers are not considered sales in the register. They are considered vital links to the organization's success. The company values its customers and the relationships, even if they are short lived. The company also values relationships with its suppliers in the same way. Suppliers are not just viewed as a means to an end. Logistics is considered an integral part of operations. This type of philosophy ...

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    This analysis in the discussion of McDonald's logistics management focuses on how the company manages and maintains logistics, including its supply chain. Examples of how the organization measures performance and the strategies it has adopted in supporting logistics components is included.