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McDonalds Logistics System

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How can McDonald's logistical system be improved? What stands out the most as their key logistics advantage over their competitors? Where are they weaker?

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Logistics is the supply chain strategy that includes planning, implementing the efficient flow of good and services from the point of origin to satisfying the customer (Mentzer & Williams, 2001).
How can McDonald's logistical system be improved? You may want to consider the following.

McDonald's must continue to use logistics leverage by improving logistic systems and maintaining good relationship with suppliers (Sancharan, 2009). Improving its logistic system can reduce its operation costs. Such as
• Continuing to co-ordinate with independent suppliers or channels, which are ties to sustainability ( Mentzer & Williams, 2001).
• Re-locate logistic centers, such as during global expansions in countries such as India where McDonald uses big stores as contemporary sub-center-warehouse for smaller satellite stores.
• Ensure that McDonals's unique supply chain management supplies the same customer satisfaction world-wide.
• Continue to practice transparent relationship with vendors to control price increases
• Make sure that McDonalds continues to upgrade their ...

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The expert determines how McDonald's logistical system can be improved. The stands out for the most key logistics advantages over their competitors are given.

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