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    McDonalds Pricing Strategy

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    Looking for ethical and legal considerations related to price of Mcdonald's turkey burgers & veggie burgers (proposed menu items) in essay format with references.

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    McDonalds Turkey & Veggie Burgers (Ethical Considerations)

    An ethical consideration is the system of moral values that are consistent with agreed principles of correct standards and good conduct. McDonald's product and pricing strategy are implemented using ethical standards. As part of its pricing strategy coupled with the target market, the company sells a variety of products custom tailored to its geographical location. For example, there are different items that will appear on a menu in Japan versus a menu in the United States. The veggie burger known as the "McAloo Tikki Burger" is predominantly sold in ...

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    This solution of 321 words will provide a brief overview of ethical and legal considerations relating to the price of McDonalds turkey burgers and veggie burgers. References used are included.