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International Marketing Plan involving McDonald's in India

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International Marketing Plan involving McDonald's in India:

- Describe the market segment you are targeting and explain how
you plan to position your product or service based on your
analysis of this segment.

- Develop an international marketing strategy that addresses the
o Product
o Promotional strategy
o Pricing strategy
o Place
o Channels of distribution
o Modes of entry

- Discuss the monitoring process of the plan

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International Marketing Plan involving McDonald's in India:

The target segments for McDonalds are the young urban family, youth and children. Facilities like Wi-Fi are provided to attract student to the outlets. McDonalds has Happy Meal with which toys ranging from Walt Disney characters to hot heels are given so as to attract children. This is because there is a tie up with Walt-Disney. Facilities like "Play Space" will also be provided at several outlets where children can play air hockey and arcade games. This strategy helps to attract the young urban families who want to spend quality time while their children have fun at the outlets (Ghosh, Balaji, Shah, Sherlekar & Sidana, n.d).

This strategy aims at making McDonalds a fun place to eat. Several products will be priced aggressively keeping in mind the price sensitivity of the target customers so as to attract teenagers. McDonalds will position itself as an affordable place to eat without compromising the quality of hygiene, service and food. The commitment of quality service and food in a hygienic, clean and relaxing atmosphere will ensure that McDonalds maintains a positive relationship with the customers (Ghosh, Balaji, Shah, Sherlekar & Sidana, n.d).

International marketing strategy:

McDonalds ...

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International marketing plans involving McDonald's in India are examined. The monitoring process of the plan is determined.

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