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    Elements of Marketing Mix for McDonald's Restaurants

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    Short answer:
    1. List and describe in detail, the elements of the marketing mix (4P's) for a McDonald's restaurant

    2. Describe the functions (responsibilities, roles, etc., ) that a typical marketing manager should perform

    3. List and describe what you consider to be the key elements of a marketing plan. Does a firm need to worry about developing a written plan?

    4. List and describe in detail, each phase of the product life cycle for a personal computer in terms of the probable impact on its marketing mix.

    5. Identify a few possible advantages and disadvantages of entering international markets

    6. Demonstrate the impact of e-commerce on the marketing functions.

    7. Describe how you might use the new product development process if you were thinking about offering some kind of summer service to residents in a beach resort town

    8. Discuss how an understanding of the adoption process (adoption curve) would help you develop a promotional blend for a new consumer electronic product

    9. Demonstrate how you would use the consultative selling process to sell
    a new car.

    10. Distinguish between one price and flexible price policies. Which one is most appropriate for a hardware store? Why?

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    The elements of marketing mix for McDonald's Restaurants are examined. A product life cycle for a personal computer in terms of probable impact on its marketing mix is examined.