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International Marketing Plan. McDonalds in India

International Marketing Plan. MCDonalds in India

- Describe the product or service and why it might be successful
in the selected country.
- Provide the geographic description of the market.
- Analyze of the various types of buyers in the international
marketplace and the factors that influence their purchasing


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McDonalds Corporation:

Product/Service Description:

McDonald's is an organization that operates fast food restaurants across the globe. The company offers its consumers a wide range of foods and is the largest food service retailing chain (Company Spotlight, 2007). The company offers products such as French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, sandwiches, desserts, milk shakes, ice cream sundaes, and salads (Company Spotlight, 2007). The company also offers products that suit local taste and preference and this is the case in India since Indian culture is sensitive to beef and pork products.

McDonald's India (n.d) provides the company respects the local culture and that it has created a vegetarian menu suited for Indian tastes and culture. The company does not offer beef or pork products in the market but ...

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International marketing plan for McDonalds in India are examined. The factors that influence their purchasing decisions is examined.