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    Perform a strategic audit of McDonald's Company

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    For the SLP project, we are going to perform a strategic audit of McDonald's Company.


    Please write a 2 page report about strategic choices that McDonalds has made.

    Business strategy

    Corporate strategies

    Functional Strategies

    Global Strategies

    Writing Style

    Please use a formal paper format, with an introduction, main body, and conclusions. The main body should have 3 parts, one per point. Please use titles, headings, and subheadings.

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    //The given discussion paper is based upon the strategic audit process of the McDonalds Corporations. In this series, various strategies of the company are discussed. The first section of the discussion is including description of the supplier diversity strategy, global strategy, functional strategy, retrenchment strategy and other various marketing strategies of the company.//

    McDonalds: Strategies

    Supplier diversity strategy

    McDonalds has adopted the supplier diversity strategy which is a pro-active process which gives equal access to all the competent suppliers. This industry of quick service restaurant has now identified the significance of laying stress on the women, minority, and disabled veteran enterprises as strategic coalition in the supply chain.

    (People: Learning for life Supplier Diversity Strategy, 2006) http://www.mcdonalds.com/corp/values/people/diversity/supplierdiversity/strategy.html

    The Board of McDonalds believes that good corporate governance is vital for fulfilling the obligations of the shareholders.

    Global Strategy

    McDonald's joins the list of Fortune 500 corporations. The strategic planning for marketing needs to be very effective. McDonald's provides its menu in other countries to the cultures of different regions. For example, in India, the non-vegetarian list of foods includes chicken and fish items only. Beef is not included in the menu because in India it is believed to be as sacred.

    McDonalds incorporates social responsibility in its strategy.

    A lot of the products have exclusive and distinctive packaging designs to provide insulation, help in making sure that the food is safe, and making them easy ...

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