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Multinational vs Global Strategies

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A multinational (multidomestic strategy) means adapting products and their marketing strategies in each national market to suit local preferences. A global strategy means offering the same product in all national markets with a very similar marketing strategy. Remember, a marketing strategy means the choice of the Four P's (price, product, place and promotion); it does not mean merely a company's advertising methods. Describe two companies that use each of these strategies. Describe why you think each company chose this strategy.

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This is easily answered by two of the biggest companies in the world, Coca Cola and McDonald's.

Two companies using multinational and global strategies:
Coca Cola has been adapting its products to the domestic markets since it moved into global markets. While the inventory for Coca Cola is vast, including more than 500 brands, adapts to the local markets. The subsidiary companies produce their products independently as well as their strategies. Each subsidiary also has its own R&D. The company can be responsive to the local communities and focus ...

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A review of two companies that use multinational and global strategies for success. References are included.