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International marketing in government organizations

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1. Is it right for the governments to help organization in their business abroad and should commerce separate themselves from legislation?

2. What are uncertain ways in which the multidomestic and global methods differ in country-market choice's?

3. Why do Whirlpool's want their product's in every home all over the world and how can this become a reality for the organization?

4. What are the main instruments of the anticorruption agreements passed by the European Union, the organization of American States, and the United Nations?

5. Comment on the most important country organizations in terms of buy-in for effective global marketing strategy implementation.

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International marketing in government organizations are examined.

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1. With the competition resulting from globalization overseas expansion is no longer an option for organizations. When company expands overseas, they enjoy high growth rates and help in improving domestic economy as well by better technologies. However, government support should be discretionary. Only small and medium enterprises should be given government support as without support they would not be able to take advantage of global business operations.

Commerce cannot separate itself from legislation as legislation forms commerce regulations. Legislation manages to establish legal stability that is so vital to the world of commerce. Sometimes legislation is required to intervene and enact to carry out smooth commerce.

Reference: Kedem, Gay. (n.d). Between TwoWorlds - Commerce and Legislation in the Information Era

2. A global strategy assumes that consumers across different countries and geographic markets are the same. This strategy is best suited for companies whose products do not need differentiation. For example Coca Cola is almost common across the world and can be easily ...

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