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Marketing Styles Between Malaysia and the United States

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Compare and contrast marketing in Malaysia and in the United States. In your comparison, analyze the marketing environments of each country including, but not limited to, cultural, political, legal, and economic influences.

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This is a sample to be used for the country you have an interest in contrasting with the U.S. I have put this in word (see attachment) so that you can insert comments about your own country that you wish to contrast with the U.S.

Comparison of marketing styles in Malaysia and United States
The marketing environment consists of all factors external to an organization that can affect organization's marketing activities. As the concept of global businesses increases, stress is laid on adapting to different marketing styles of different nations.

Malaysia, with a population of around 21.7 million forms a racial and culturally diverse nation in the Asia-Pacific region, presenting business opportunities to variety of organizations to expand their global base. Malaysia differs from the United States over the marketing environment the country offers on several factors. These differences occur over culture, political environment, economic environment, legal influences, and so on. These differences from those of United States are:

Culture: Malaysia is highly diverse country with several cultural groups such as the Malays, the Chinese, and the Indians as well as several sub-cultural groups. Despite the diversity, people are closely connected and live like a community. This multicultural rich society presents numerous opportunities to foreign business firms. The main languages in Malaysia are Malay, Chinese, English, and Tamil. However, as the country developed, major emphasis was laid on promoting English as the international business language. But the main language still remains Malay. So, in order to do business, a firm would need to have knowledge of both Malay and English. This presents a challenge to businesses that want to consider the country as an investment platform.

For successful marketing in Malaysia, a marketer must learn that Malaysians are ...

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The solution compares and contrasts marketing styles between Malaysia and the United States, including cultural, political, legal and economic influences on the marketing environment