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    Strategic Management: Popular Options for International Entry

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    List and describe four popular options for international entry.

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    According to Korey (1986), the four options popular options available to companies for international entry are: exporting, licensing, joint venture and direct investment.


    Exporting is a viable option companies have for international entry. It is the traditional method most organizations employ to market the goods produced in its home based facilities and sold to the target international market. The option to export goods to an international market does not require any direct manufacturing in the target market but requires an effective detailed marketing strategy to achieve success in the international market.

    Advantages of exporting option

    - Since manufacturing operations is maintained in the home based market, the organization minimizes risks associated with overseas operations.
    - Enables an organization to understand the different business forces that impacts the international market prior to making a larger investment commitment in the market.

    Disadvantage of exporting option

    The main disadvantage organizations face ...

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    This solution lists and describes four popular options for international entry.