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Strategic Analysis of Walt Disney

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By using The Walt Disney Company complete a more in-depth analysis of its strategy
1. Discuss how that company has strengthened its generic strategy through complementary strategic moves in this industry. In your analysis of its strategic moves, examine the timing of these moves.
a) Identify whether to pursue offensive or defensive strategic options
b) Discuss the timing for strategic moves
c) Outline complementary strategic options, challenges and benefits of the complementary strategic options

2. Then, discuss this company's strategies for competing in international markets. How does the company enter foreign markets, complete internationally, and leverage any operations internationally?
a) Define strategies for foreign market entry
b) Identify the strategic approaches for competing internationally
c) Outline ways that a company can gain competitive advantage from international operations. Can you recommend any additional strategies for international markets?

3. Lastly, discuss the company's corporate strategy.
a) Discuss the role of business diversification in the strategic planning process
b) Review the types of business diversification with company examples
c) Outline the process of evaluating a firm's current business diversification strategies

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Walt Disney Company
1. Generic Strategy and Strategic Moves
Walt Disney is a reputed brand in the Entertainment Industry. It has adopted differentiation strategy by providing better quality and value of products and services.
• The Entertainment industry has been witnessing increasing competition due to which different segments in the industry are changing. For example,
• Media Broadcasting segment has changed through technology with mobile-multi platform content, video on demand, etc.
• Studio segment has been hit by economic environment as there is an increase in ticket prices and people prefer spending on home video.
• Parks segment is changing due to changes in social and cultural parameters. Travelling with kids and older people has increased and people are combining work and family time.
Walt Disney has been into the industry for a long time during which it has got established as destination of choice when people want a break from their day-to-day routine. However, the strategy has to be complemented with changes taking place in the industry. Walt Disney has to pursue offensive strategic options to maintain its competitive position.

Strategic Options
It has to digitize the content to exploit technological innovations to make entertainment experiences more memorable and take advantage of lower costs. It can give Disney great competitive advantage as there already exists customer loyalty. An improvement in its products and services would mean customer delight. The drawback of this option is that technology advances very quickly. If Disney is not able to work on tight timelines, it may ...

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The solution provides a strategic analysis of Walt Disney on their strategic moves, competition on international markets, and the company's corporate strategy. All references used are included.

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