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Competitive Profile Matrix for Disney

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I need help constructing a competitive profile matrix for Disney from the outline attached.

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Competitive profile matrix for Disney is examined.

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Reason for Weight and Rating
Followings are the reason that to justify for weighting and rating:
Advertising: Advertisement is important to enhance awareness that would help to increase all operations of organization for earning huge profitability (Fischer & Kunz, 2004). So, in the context of this matrix, 0.25 point would be effective to justify the position of advertising in the media marketing.
In the context of Walt Disney, the rating would 3 point because this rating point shows the above average participation of advertisement in the media networking. The operations of Disney include television, film, theme parks, cruise lines, the Internet, and product sales that are possible with customer awareness only (Walt Disney, 2012). So for this, Walt Disney expenses huge amount on the advisement and most of people and children are known about the company. So, 3 rating point is given for the company. On the other hand, Time Warner is also focusing on the advertising because the management focuses on the services of customers with the help of high speed internet and digital phone along with digital TV (Time Warner, 2012). Therefore, 3 rating point is sufficient for it. New Corp is a media group that works in entertainment sector therefore, its program could work as an advertising tool therefore, and it does make more concentration over the activities of advertisement (News Corporations, 2012). Therefore, 2 rating point is given for company.
Product quality: The quality of products is important for the sustainability of ...

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