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Strategic Management - Walt Disney

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What strategies would allow Disney to improve upon its major weaknesses? How do you impact it? Why?

IFE Matrix for Walt Disney

Weaknesses Weight Rating Weighted Score
Continuous need for successful creative material 0.15 1 0.15
Increasing cost of operation 0.05 1 0.05
Lack of developmental property 0.02 2 0.04
Lagging consumer products revenue 0.04 1 0.04
Management inefficiency caused by diverse product portfolio 0.02 2 0.04
Studio Entertainment Return on Investment 0.03 2 0.06
No Written Vision or Mission Statement 0.05 2 0.1
Total 0.36 0.48

What strategies would allow Disney to improve upon its major weaknesses? How do you impact it? Why?

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The Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) matrix is a strategic management tool for evaluating internal strengths and weaknesses of an organization (LaPan & Franks, 2005). The IFE matrix of Walt Disney represents that the company's main weaknesses are lack of creative material, higher cost of operations and lagging customer products revenue. Walt Disney is a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise, which segments its business in studio entertainment, parks and resorts, customer products, media networks and interactive media (Disney, 2012). The company does not have a written vision and mission statement that affects management efficiency. Due to this, people are unable to understand their role and responsibilities due to lack of direction and that may affect organizational efficiency.

The company must write its vision and mission statement on the basis of corporate philosophy, public image and through concerning the stakeholders. A written mission and vision by Walt Disney will explain short-term and long-term goals that will provide future direction to management. It can improve the management efficiency through defining its role and responsibility ...

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Strategic management for Walt Disney is discussed. The strategies which would allow Disney to improve upon its major weaknesses are provided.

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