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I need about 400 words to describe this situation . i HAVE ATTACHED ONE OF THE PAPERS. The last paper before this is not due until 1/18/10
Part A - (plus 1 slide)

a. Final recommendations

1) Price

2) Production

3) Composition of input

see attached

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Final Recommendations for the Walt Disney Company: Phase III
Pam Gabel, Kimberly Kellett, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Zlatnik
University of Phoenix
Principles of Microeconomics
Bert Wheeler
January 20, 2010

Final Recommendations for the Walt Disney Company: Phase III
The purpose of this phase of the paper is to present the final recommendations for Walt Disney Company based on the previous reports made on the first phases of the analysis. Specifically, the recommendations will be divided in three parts: price, production and composition of input. This subdivision will provide detailed guidelines for Walt Disney's management in strategic planning and decision making to ensure that Disney is ahead in the market and whatever market it chooses to compete in.
In the Phase II ...

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