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    Describe future Market Conditions

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    Future Market Conditions
    describe future market conditions that your selected
    company/industry will face. Explain your conclusions. Address the following topics in your paper (you
    need to address all items from a to e plus at least one from f to i):
    a. Market structure
    b. Impact of new companies entering the market
    c. Current Competitors
    d. Price elasticity of demand
    e. Prices
    f. Productivity
    g. Cost structure
    h. Supply and demand analysis
    i. Impact of government regulations
    Please apply the feedback on your last week's Current Market
    Conditions analysis to this week's Future Market Conditions analysis.

    I just need to finish my PRICES for future Market Conditions for Disney.
    (250 words)

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    Given the current pricing strategy of Walt Disney Company, the demographics of its target market, and the factors affecting the buying decision making and behaviors of its customers, it is highly unlikely that the company will significantly increase its prices for its tour packages and its different products and services individually. ...