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future market conditions

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I seem to be stumbling with a portion of my work, could you please lend a hand....

Prepare a paper in which you describe future market conditions that your selected company/industry will face. Explain you conclusions. Address the following topics in your paper:

The two portions that I need help with are;

Cost Structure (150 words)

Price Elasticity of Demand (150 word)

If there is citation material, please provide citation information both in text and as if it was for the reference page....

The company is Macy's.

Thank you for your help.....

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Prepare a paper in which you describe future market conditions that your selected company/industry will face.

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Cost Structure:

As we all know that US is facing a severe recession and retail industry is one of the most affected industry due to recession, companies such as Macy's are facing tough times during such period and the future market conditions in the near and medium term does not look promising for retail stores such as Macy's. In such tough times, companies are trying hard to optimize their operations, reduce unnecessary expenses to maintain profitability and operating margins during such period of slow ...

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