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Market trends Hershey's might face

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Future Market Conditions of Hershey

I just need to address the following topics:

A. Market Structure

B. Impact of new companies entering the market

c. Prices

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//Before writing about the market structure of the Company, it is essential to know about its background. One should about the products & services offered by the firm, which further will assist in analyzing the market structure, effectually.//


In the North America, Hershey is one of the largest manufacturer and provider of confectionery items like chocolates and sugar candies. The company is not only famous or builds its image in the United States, but also around the world. Around the world, Hershey exports its quality products nearly around the 90 countries and its total revenue is about $4 bln. More than 14000 employees are employed in the Hershey's. The major goals of the Hershey includes: to raise the high level of ethics or conduct, maintain good relationship with the employees, maintain the ever lasting relationship with the customers by providing good quality chocolates and sugar candies, etc.

Hershey is the perpetually expanding company because of the high demand of its product in the market. In future, Hershey will try to expand its product ...

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