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    Compare and Contrast Approaches to International Market Entry

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    There are three major strategic approaches to expanding an organizations business into an international market; they are management contracting, exporting, and joint venturing.
    - Define these strategies.
    - Compare and contrast them.

    If you owned a solar panel business located in the United States and you wanted to expand into Mexico, which of these approaches would you use?

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    There are many options when operating a business overseas. The three options here are exporting, management contracting and joint venturing. Exporting occurs when a company makes a product in their home country. They complete all functions except selling in their home country. They then sell this product to another country, to another company in another country, or to a customer in another country. Then they ship (export) the product to the buyer overseas. Management ...

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    In this solution we compare and contrast exporting, management contracting, and joint venturing as approaches for entering into international markets. Furthermore, an opinion is given on which of these approaches that the expert would use to expand a successful solar panel business into Mexico.