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*Describe the nature and extent of knowledge management in the Medical logistical support division.

*What is the relationship between the support division strategies, leadership, and knowledge management?

*What are some recommendations regarding the medical logistical support division knowledge of management

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*Describe the nature and extent of knowledge management in the Medical logistical support division.
The nature and extent of knowledge management in Medical Logistics Support Division is to make the Medical Logistics Support Division prepared for supporting the operational and cost related challenges of supporting medical readiness of US's fast moving army and its large healthcare system.
The knowledge management system of Medical Logistics Support Division uses specific settings and international, location based environmental assessments. The knowledge management systems are accurate to make adjustments for the specific climate, endemic disease requirements, and the threat from enemy chemical and biological weapons. The knowledge management system analysis all these operational factors and have the material availability report ready for action.
The knowledge management system is also buttressed with live information from the Medical Logistics Support Division's theater response team which is remains on alert when deployment is expected. There is video link up with the medical brigade headquarters.
The Medical Logistics Support Division is well supported by Internet and Intranet satellite links. These links help the Medical Logistics Support Division to coordinate with the logistics distribution center and deployed medical logistics elements. Essentially the knowledge ...

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