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Logistics Questions: Dell, DHL and Amazon

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5. The situation Dell found themselves in before attempting SC segmentation
6. The extent to which Dell's experiences can be explained in terms of Godsell's seven steps.
7. Which activity at Dell corresponded to each of Godsell's steps.
8. What benefits Dell derives from SC segmentation.
Consider a generic transportation company, DHL in answering questions 9-11.
9. What performance metrics should be applied to the company's operations?
10. What sort of tracking technology could be used to capture the data supporting the calculation of those metrics?
11. What other technology, if any, should be employed? Explain.

12. The industry segment to which Amazon belongs.
13. The overall condition (size, strength, trends) of the segment.
14. Amazon's position within the segment; dominant, competitive, or bit player?
15. The services provided by Amazon.
16. Amazon's core technologies
17. Amazon's position and reputation in the wider community
18. Amazon's financial position; profitable, unprofitable, indebted, self-financing, etc.
19. Amazon's trajectory; expanding, contracting, struggling, looking for a buyer, etc.
20. Amazon's relevant history. Is it new, well-established, recently spun off, a recent IPO?
21. Pick one example of good supplier management, as practiced by Amazon. Explain in detail.
22. Pick one example of customer management, as practiced by Amazon. Explain in detail.
23. Part I: You will continue analyzing the company you picked in SLP1. Please discuss:
a. What sort of tracking systems does your company use?
b. Are those systems appropriate? Why or why not? Cite sources.
c. What would you change about the systems? Mention what you'd add, delete, start doing, stop doing, or change, and why. Cite sources.

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This solution of 1437 words answers multiple case study questions relating to the logistics of Dell, DHL and Amazon.

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