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How Amazon protects its brand

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Please answer the following questions, and provide references.

1. Recommend what Amazon should do to protect its brand.

2. Recommend what Barnes & Noble and Borders should do to recapture some of their online market share.

3. At one time Dell sold computers exclusively online, now the same computers are available in retail stores (Wal-Mart for example). Discuss whether or not you foresee Amazon expanding its channel of distribution.

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1. Recommend what Amazon should do to protect its brand.

In order to protect its brand, Amazon should continue to offer products at competitive pricing. This will ensure that people will continue to visit Amazon's site to find deals on their favorite products. Further, Amazon should continue to do the good job in terms of product selection and variety. It should keep on adding new and unique product categories and expand range of offerings, so that a wider target market can be approached.
Amazon should also think of expanding in new geographies or territories, so that it can take advantage of ...

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