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The Lean Six Sigma Project Project

Prepare a paper that reports your experience with this Phase (Analyze) of DMAIC on this project.


* Make notes of your experiences as you go
* Evaluate your notes and your memory to determine the critical issues or problems you experienced in completing this
Black-belt task
* Organize and summarize your thoughts in a paper and explain any complicated issues.
* Explain what you did to overcome these issues.
* The length of the paper should be 2 pages. double space

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Analyze Phase of DAMIC in the attached file.
Six Sigma Project
Six Sigma refers to a process of identifying the causes of errors from manufacturing, service delivery and other business processes and also to take appropriate actions to remove these errors (Haik & Aomar, 2006). DAMIC is a six sigma methodology that is used by organizations in order to improve their business processes. DAMIC includes different phases such as define, measure, analyze, improve and control phases (Lighter, 2011).
In DAMIC, analyze is the third phase in which data is analyzed to prove cause and effect relationship. For this, all relationship is established by considering all necessary factors. This phase is done by Black Belts. In this process, first black-belts develop hypothesis related to the causes of the defects. After this, they analyze processes and data by using different statistical and non- statistical data. In last, hypothesis are proved or disproved. If hypothesis are correct, these ...

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This solution identifies the six sigma project, the complicated issues of the analyze phase, and ways to overcome these issues in 640 words, formatted in an attached Word document.