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Project management in culture

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An organization needs to have project management built into its culture to be effective. Evaluate the maturity of the project management culture in your organization and describe improvements that can be implemented based on your text readings. If you feel your organization does not yet have a project management culture explain why and suggest improvements that could be accomplished

2 sources and 200-300 words.

I work for a large insurance company that is turning into a pm organization. We are using a new six sigma lean approach.

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My organization is not currently ready or prepared for implementing project management culture and new six sigma lean approach. The primary reason for this situation is the bureaucratic organizational structure and rigid culture with layers of bureaucracy, slow decision making and inefficiency in the organization. The management approach is very autocratic and does not provide empowerment to employees to make efficient and quick decisions. Delegation of authority is absent and the management still believes in the ...

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Evaluates the maturity of the project management culture in an organization.