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    Organizational culture is related to project management

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    1. Consider the following information about a project:

    Customer Complaint Frequency/Week
    Customer is on hold too long 90
    Customer gets transferred to wrong area 20
    Service rep cannot answer customer's questions 120
    Service rep does not follow through 40

    Create a Pareto chart in Excel based on this information.

    2. Project HR Management.
    a. Very briefly describe situations where it would be appropriate to create a responsibility assignment matrix, a RACI chart, and a resource histogram.

    b. In a sentence, what is the difference between resource loading and resource leveling? Provide an example of when you might use each technique.

    3. Project Communications Management.
    a. What key items should a communications management plan address?

    b. How many different communications channels does a project team with six people have? How many more communications channels would there be if the project grew to ten people?

    4. General.
    a. What is the triple constraint?

    b. What is a PMP certification? What do you need to do before you can take the PMP exam?

    c. In one short paragraph, describe how organizational culture is related to project management.

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    2. RAM: In situations where it is important for the project to have a clear breakdown of who is responsible for each aspect of the project. For example, in the project for upgrading the customer service delivery system, the staff needs to be trained to use new procedures and tools.
    RACI Chart: Used in sensitive, time critical or mission-critical projects. In situations where people are ducking responsibility, it becomes important to define roles and responsibilities of each task which team members are going to perform. The RACI matrix brings clarity to the roles people play in a team and provides structure to the project by ensuring that everything the team needs to do is taken care of. For example in creating new user account
    Resource Histogram: These are useful in situations where one is interested in the number of people or other resources required at any given time. From a cascade chart, one can see how many people are required at each stage and use this information to draw the resource histogram.
    3. While resource loading deals with manpower and assigns a task or percentage of project to resources, resource leveling deals with both time (starting and ending date), and ...

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