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    Deliverable Length: 800 words
    Details: This is a new position within the company and your manager has asked you to create a job description for the project manager's responsibilities on the tradeshow project, which they can use for future candidates. Create a job description for the project manager; describe the main responsibilities and duties that must be completed by a project manager.
    - Describe the role of project management in modern organizations.
    - Function within a project team environment.

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    Defined as the "body of knowledge concerned with principles, techniques, and tools used in planning, control, monitoring, and review of projects" (Business Dictionary), and utilized as the primary means to strategically manage organizational projects, Project Management is essential for the growth and success of any company. The goal of organizational projects is frequently to allow companies to be proactive and/or reactive to specific environmental changes and responsive to the changes employed by their competitors. They also provide the means for the development of new products and services.

    Mochal &Mochal (2009) state that a project team "consists of the full-time and part-time resources assigned to work on the deliverables of the project all of who will help achieve the project objectives" and that this grouping of resources is lead by a 'project manager' whose primary responsibility is to ensure the overall success of the project. In addition to the primary assignment attached to the project manager, they are also responsible for appointing and developing at least two assistants capable of taking charge in their absence.

    Development of the working model is a vital aspect of ...

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