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Functions of a Job Description

Write a memo to the organization's hiring manager that includes an analysis of no more than 800 words. Identify the requirements needed to fulfill this operational gap within the organization.

Include the following job description functions in your analysis:

- Identify responsibilities for the position.
- List minimum attributes required by the position.

- What would the position details be?
- What would the duties be?
- What are the performance requirements of the position?
- What knowledge and skills are required for the position?

- Determine the organizational positioning of the opportunity and how the opportunity is consistent with the organization's strategic goals.

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Nature and functions of job description

According to Robbins and Coulter (2004), job description is a written statement of what a jobholder does, how it is done, and why it is done. On the other hand, job specification, another result of job analysis, states the minimum qualification that a person must possess to perform a job successfully. To these authors, a job specification identifies the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to do the job effectively.

Among the important components of job description as noted by Cherrington (1995) are:
a) Job identification. This includes the job title, job number, and department.
b) Job summary. This part describes the major responsibilities and components that make the job different from others.
c) Duties and Responsibilities. These are specific statements of the essential functions that include the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities performed. It may provide a detail of percentage of time utilized for each task, the relationship of the job with other within or outside the organization, working conditions, potential hazards, supervisory responsibilities ( if applied), machines and ...

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