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    Define the concepts of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading

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    You have been asked by HR to produce and coordinate a job description for a service department line management position in the services department. You are happy for this opportunity because you have witnessed several of the workers on the line become newly promoted managers, only to fail and return to the service department. In one instance, your friend, Hal, was so unhappy about the experience that he left the company. You hated to see this happen, as Hal had been a good friend, and you felt the entire unfortunate situation could have been avoided.

    Now is your chance to help prevent future replays of this painful (and for the company, expensive) occurrence. In your job description, fully describe and explain the four functions of managers so the next applicant will better understand the complexities of managing people. Use as many concrete examples as you can, in the context of a production line in a company.

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    Running Head: JOB DESCRIPTION

    Job Description for a Service Department Line Management

    Job Description is a written documentation of the obligations, responsibilities and essentials of a particular job (Armstrong, 2000). It provides organizational as well as functional information. It provides a basis for establishing assessment standards and objectives. According to Torrington, Hall and Taylor, it makes the new employees aware of their duties and responsibilities towards the organization (Torrington, Hall & Taylor, 2004).
    The most common end product of a job is a documented job description. It is a natural outcome of job analysis and can be described as documentation of the results of job analysis (Gratton, Hailey & Stiles, 1999). It is also used for job specification and job evaluation. It also helps in group discussion and in framing questions to be asked in the interview (Gratton, Hailey & Stiles, 1999). This further helps in recruitment and training in the organization. It helps the organization to get skilled and capable candidates (Torrington, Hall & Taylor, 2004).
    The job description also includes four essential functions of the management that are planning, organizing, leading and controlling (Morris, 2005). Some other functions of the management are staffing, reporting, budgeting, etc. The job description also consist some day to day activities of the workers, which are also known as non essential functions of the company (Gratton, Hailey & Stiles, 1999).The functions of training, induction, human resource audit, rewards, incentives etc. are the functions which are not essentially undertaken by all the organizations (Morris, 2005).
    The Employment Labor Law helps to define the job description according to the requirements of the job. The legal Professions Act helps us to define the functions ...

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    The concepts of planning organizing, controlling and leading are examined for a Human Resource job position.