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Functions of Management

Define the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling) and explain how each function relates to a business organization of your choice (Use a company you are familiar with). Cite at least two references.

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I will chose hospital for this assignment.

Four functions of management are:

Planning: Planning is the foremost and most important function of management as it is the critical starting point and platform for the other functions. Planning provides direction, guidance, strong framework and structure, as well sense of mission and vision for organizational activities. It ensures that organizations moves ahead in the desired strategic path.

Planning is very important for hospital in the sense that proper planning in advance will help the organization in meeting the demands of patients in an effective manner. For example, if proper planning is in place, hospital will be able to upgrade its infrastructure, facilities and equipment meet higher demand levels. It will be able to respond to emergency situations in an ...

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Functions of Management