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    Personnel Selection Process for an Executive Assistant for the New President

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    Download and read Job Descriptions. You need to hire the Executive Assistant for the new President. No job description exists for this position, but the position needs to be filled quickly. You obviously want to make a good impression on this assignment and fill the job with a top-notch candidate. Review the above linked article and create what you think would be the essential functions of the Administrative Assistant position. Draft a position description including a position summary, 5 or 6 essential job functions - listing the most important first; education needed for the position, experience needed, any required skills, and any preferred skills that you would think appropriate.

    Next, detail the most appropriate selection process for hiring for the position, from the writing of the job description, all the way to acceptance of the job offer.

    Finally, how will the new employee at this level know that he or she is doing a good job? By what method will he or she be appraised and at what points after hire? Write one page that establishes clear performance appraisal process for the position. Use a method which would be suitable for application to all in administrative positions in the company.

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    The position can be summarized as providing a highly sensitive support: to the President. This position requires independent judgment, technical knowledge of the specific area the overall company's activities. The job functions for the position includes performing administrative and secretarial duties in the President's office, representing the Company to customers, contacts and shareholders at the request of the President. Organize proper office functions, make sure that the office functions are up to the mark, and develop office procedures. Attend meetings of the management, executive committee and Presidents and take minutes as directed. He must make travel arrangement, respond to correspondence and screen communications to the President. He must receive, distribute and evaluate mail. He must be able to research and analyze the routine work undertaken by the organization for presentation and evaluation by the President. He must be able to review miscellaneous reports and prepare executive summaries for the consideration by the executive. .

    The candidate must have completed two years of college-level coursework in business or a field related to the work and three years of experience as an administrative assistant, supervisory position or office administration. The candidate may have an equivalent combination of education and experience. The candidate must have the ability to use normal office equipment in any setting especially when working in sites away from the ...

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