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    Effective Communication and Redesigning the Process

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    You have initially decided to side with the executive director of research and development, and you have subsequently hired recruiters who are having a great deal of success recruiting and selecting scientists. The dilemma is that these same recruiters, who now represent the bulk of your recruitment staff, are somewhat deficient in recruiting and selecting needed sales personnel. The problem is that you probably should have split the difference and hired more sales-oriented recruiters, but you failed to do this.

    You may do either of the following:

    A. Allocate additional funds in the budget for additional, sales-oriented recruiters.
    B. Convince the executive director of sales that you in fact value his opinion and request that he and his staff train, mentor, and further enlighten the existing recruitment staff so that they are prepared to recruit and select appropriate sales personnel.

    As part of mapping and analyzing the situation, you must do the following:

    - Brainstorm for each step of your recruitment and selection strategy.
    - Identify and address the main issues pertaining to conflict and conflict resolution.
    - Clearly display your capacity to effectively deal with conflict.
    - Provide real-life solutions and more than just theoretical considerations in relation to diplomacy and negotiation.
    - Address the criteria for success for this project. How will you measure the success of this project?
    - Provide solutions that display critical and innovative thinking.
    - Comment on others' analyses of the same situation.

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    For recruitment, directors specify the position for which they want to hire and skills which are required for the position. The human resource manager then prepares job posting and advertisement based on information from the job description and send it for review to director. Once technical skills and job attributes have been identified the next step is to find a way to identify and assess individuals who apply against the job posting. The process for selection is based on interview with hiring manager.
    The main conflict is that recruiters who have been hired have great deal of success in recruiting and selecting scientists; however they are deficient in recruiting and selecting needed sales personnel. Hence director of sales does not get manpower which is required to carry out sales responsibilities. Hence sales are suffering and in turn executive director of sales department wants to have more sales personnel. There are two choices for resolving the conflict. First is to recruit more sales-oriented recruiters and second option is to convince executive ...

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    The effective communications and redesigning the process. The executive director of sales for fact values are determined.