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Managers and quality management objectives

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Review Course Objectives:
Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.
Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses.
Recognize situations that present potential ethical and legal issues, and develop solutions for those issues.
Appropriately use effective communication techniques.
Construct a process improvement by mapping, analyzing, and redesigning the process.
Calculate the costs associated with quality.
Evaluate the quality control tools used to analyze and improve processes.
Explain time study methods and work sampling, and perform calculations.
Describe management quality initiatives such as TQM and Six Sigma.

View Assignment Objectives:
(Calculate the costs associated with quality)
How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management?
What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if he or she has not mastered these objectives? Explain.

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There are numerous costs associated with quality. First, there are numerous prevention costs associated with activities that are aimed at preventing quality issues in products and services, such as quality planning, quality improvement related projects, etc. Further, there are quality costs associated with evaluation and appraisal of products or services in order ...

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This solution discusses the importance for managers to understand various quality management objectives.

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