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Assessing the effectiveness of the strategy and evaluate implementation

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Read the case study on pages 353-360 of the textbook:
1. Assess the effectiveness of the strategy of seven steps to 'Revitalising Quality' at BT Retail
2. Evaluate the role and performance of management in its implementation.

Oakland, J. S. (2003) TQM: text with cases. 3rd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann.

1. The number of words no less than 600 (the more the better)
2. Include conclusion or summary
3. Real time example is preferable
4. Academic reference with reference list
5. If any question is related to personal aspect, just use your own experience

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1. The effectiveness of the strategy of seven steps to "Revitalizing Quality" at BT Retail is satisfactory. Putting customers at the heart, reducing costs, developing/deploying strategy, getting basics right, quality approach, getting the workforce involved, and innovation have worked very well. Its approach to customers at heart was satisfied with satisfaction compared with competitors. It clearly identified the drivers of customer satisfaction. Reducing cost of failure helped reduce the overall costs (1). BT also made an effective use of balanced scorecard and made it a point to deliver longer strategic objectives. The emphasis on quality is integrated with other approaches leading to improvement in all processes. The guiding principles of BT showed continuous commitment to quality. Since BT is facing change in the business environment, the quality program has been applied to change. BT developed a systematic ten-step framework for change management (2). An important step is to bring in the employees into the change. The operational level employees are encouraged to be innovative in their approach to day-to-day problem. The ideas from workers are solicited, and ideas for product improvements are included. BT has also succeeded in production and process innovation. BT has strived to innovate on ...

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