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IT Strategy Assessment of Armstrong World industries

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Analyze a company, its business position, and the attainment of a competitive advantage through the understanding and application of information systems and technologies. Discuss the management of the process by which policies and strategies relating to technology are formed. Measuring the results of an implemented IT strategy is essential when determining the extent to which any changes in strategy need to be made. By comparing the actual business results to the targeted business results (performance), you can see whether the IT strategy accomplished the goal of supporting business goals and objectives.

Write an IT strategy assessment of 4-5 pages for the case study organization of Armstrong World Industries that includes the following:

Develop a quantitative method for assessing business results under the information strategy in the following performance areas:

- Efficiency
- Effectiveness
- Competitiveness
- Profitability

Verify that each performance area lists variables that are clearly defined and measurable.

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This solution provides an IT strategy assessment for Armstrong World Industries.

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With the advancement of information technology, it has become important for the organizations to determine effective implementation of information technology within the organization. With its enormous benefits, it has become an important means for organizations to determine their growth in this highly competitive world (Murphy & Willmott, 2010). It not only helps organizations to attain subsequent amount of benefits, but also provides smoothness to the process within organization. The report will deal with assessing the benefits of IT implementation in Armstrong World Industries in terms of increasing its efficiency and competitiveness. The paper will also discuss the process through which the policies related to technology, which is formulated in Armstrong World Industries.

IT in Armstrong World Industries: Armstrong World Industries is a Pennsylvania based global construction material company deals with designing and manufacturing floors, ceilings and cabinets. With more than 40 plants in 10 countries and employees over 12000, company has enjoyed remarkable growth in the industry. With its huge experience of over 150 years company is well enjoying its leadership position. The company has successfully taken the use of IT in controlling the high volume of data generated within the organization (Armstrong, 2012). In order to minimize the amount of data, company has implemented data retention strategy and as a part of this strategy, it has implemented IXOS connectivity with SAP R/3.

Apart from this, company has also implemented Archive Information system to provide faster access to the archive data. It has also implemented OSS notes to provide effectiveness to selection criteria regarding archiving objectives that further helps to provide effectiveness to company's information system. At the same time, company has also used information system in determining the design of its flooring and ceiling (Armstrong World Industries, Inc, 2005). Today, most of the players in the industry are using information technology to enhance attractiveness of their products as it is one of major concern of the customer in making their purchase.

In addition to this, company's IT strategy was aimed at determining effective flow of ...

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