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    Market Plans and QMC

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    It's time to develop the marketing plan. Bring together everything you have learned and experienced to date, and create a thorough, detailed plan for QMC. The marketing plan should include:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Situation Analysis
    o Target Markets (demographics, needs, trends, etc.)
    o Critical Analysis Considered (SWOT, Competitive, etc.)
    o Product(s) Defined (features, benefits, etc.)
    o Anything else you believe to be important
    3. Key Marketing Objectives (what are you trying to accomplish?)
    4. Strategic Initiatives
    o Positioning
    o Differentiation vs. Competition
    o Pricing Strategy
    o Distribution Strategy
    5. Tactical Plans
    o Promotional Tactics to be Used
    o Develop a creative execution of a print ad
    o Develop a creative execution for a direct mail or e-mail campaign
    o Timing
    o General Thoughts on Budget (where will you spend money?)
    o Anything else you believe to be important
    6. Other
    o Keys to Winning
    o Barriers to Success
    o How will you measure results

    ? Define the scope of the marketing plan
    ? Agree on general parameters such as target market, positioning and differentiation, pricing and promotion strategies
    ? Decide who will write which piece of the plan

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    Marketing Plan for Quality Mini Computers

    Executive Summary
    Developing a marketing plan is an integral part of the management to introduce the product in the market and establishing various marketing strategies for the promotion and success of the product. This paper deals with the marketing plan for Quality Mini Computer, which operates in computer manufacturing industry and design minicomputers for the consumers. The company is looking for the development of online marketing strategies for its minicomputers.
    This marketing plan comprises Situational analysis and target market of the company. It covers different tools and techniques which are essential for the development of an effective marketing plan such as SWOT and competitive analysis, explanation of product features and key marketing objectives. Explanation of strategic initiatives and distribution strategy will help the company to allocate available resources and analyze the keys to winning in the market.
    This marketing plan would also be very beneficial to understand the barriers and their complexity to achieve the key objectives of the company.

    Marketing Plan
    Marketing plan is essential to market the products and services of the company in an effective manner (Kotler, 2002). The name of company is Quality Mini Computers, which is mainly related to the computer system and computer manufacturing industry. Quality Mini Computer is based in San Francisco, California.
    The main purpose of making this business plan for the company is to analyze the potential for the product of the company in the market. Presently the computer manufacturing industry has become very innovative and complicated (Goldberg, 1984). This marketing plan is based on a thorough analysis of various important factors such as SWOT and competitive analysis, etc. that helps the company to develop and implement various promotional and situational strategies.
    Situational Analysis
    It is the process of evaluating the situation and various trends existing in the market environment, which assist the organization to effectively develop its marketing plan. It analyzes the five C's- company, customer, collaborator, competitors and climate (Situation Analysis, 2007). To implement effective marketing, it is necessary for the marketer to focus on the key points such as product, goodwill of the company, target market, growth size, technological environment, communication methods, available resources of the company, economic environment, etc. (Situation Analysis, 2007). Situation analysis includes an analysis of different factors related to internal, micro & macro environment.
    Company: It covers different aspects such as image of the company in the market, culture, product line, technology & experience and goals (Situation Analysis, 2007). Quality Mini Computer sells products in San Francisco and also wants to expand its business through internet technology. The product line of the company is related to the computer manufacturing. The main goal of the company is to promote its e-business and provide innovative technology computers to the customers to earn more profit.
    Customer: Different tastes and preferences of the customers are analyzed in this segment. The buying habits of the customers are also analyzed in situation analysis which further helps the organization to effectively implement the marketing plan (Situation Analysis, 2007). Customers of Quality Mini Computers are the business professionals and IT professionals, who wanted to make their life more high-tech and fast.
    Collaborator: Organizations should analyze its relationship with different collaborators such as the distributors, suppliers and its alliances with the different companies (Situation Analysis, 2007). Quality Mini Computer is a sole proprietorship firm. The owners of the company want to expand the company through e-business strategies.
    Competitors: It covers direct and indirect competitors of the company. Potential competitors of the company should be analyzed in terms of their marketing plans (Paley, 2000). The competition is very tough in the computer manufacturing industry. There are many players in this industry, such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, Prime Computers, Control Data Corporation (CDC), Honeywell, Data General, etc. All the companies have already lunched a wide range of minicomputers in the market and operating successfully by utilizing effective marketing strategies.
    Climate: It covers various factors such as related to the organization culture and structure, strategies and policies. This factor plays a significant role in the development of a marketing plan and enables the organization to effectively compete in the market (Kotler, Brown, Adam & Armstrong, 2007). The environment of computer manufacturing industry has become much diversified. Information system and information technology is a most important part of all the organization. Almost all the multinational and medium size enterprises use computer technology (Goldberg, 1984). Technology uses by this company are highly innovative and latest. As per the scenario of the company, the management has used advanced technology process to manufacture high-tech mini computers. It covers new ways of satisfying the key customers. The utilization of advance technology affects the demand pattern of the consumer and helps the company to attract more customers (Sleath, n.d.). The business environment of other industries is also favorable for the success of computer manufacturing industry (Goldberg, 1984).
    Target Market
    Target market plays a significant role in the success or failure of the marketing plan of the company (Bradford & Duncan, 2000). Before deciding upon a particular strategy, the company should identify different aspects related to the target market such as demographics, needs and trends.
    Demographics: The Company should analyze different aspects, which are related to the demographic environment such as age, gender, occupation and income of the target market. The main target customers of the company are the business professionals, white collar and well educated people in the 25-40 age range with middle to high income seeking something new in technology and want to their life ...

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